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Personal hair care during Lock down season

Not going out means there’s no need to lay down your edges, secure your wig, apply heat or twist/plait/pack your hair every morning. Seriously. If you’ve reached the end of your protective hair cycle, take it out and be free, let your fade grow out until you see your stylist. “Now is the perfect time to […]

Benefits of learning hairdressing and makeup skills

        Although being passionate is great, in the world of beauty knowing more than applying makeup can be extremely beneficial. It may be hard to think outside of the topic of makeup, but it can be essential to your personal and professional growth. Learning new talents and techniques is always something that […]

Onidiri Beauty Fair

Trade shows take place in the biggest cities across the country in any industry you can imagine. A gathering of industry experts, enthusiasts, and media under one roof in a setting that promotes business, education, and fun. There is much value in attending a trade show for your industry. In fact, the upside is so […]

Tips for Harmattan

Harmatan! Its a cool dry wind season… Everyone with oily skin enjoys this season as the oil their bodies excretes is minimal. They enjoy their makeup more as it stays longer with no touch ups needed… However, Dry skin individuals find this season challenging as their skin dries up and even breaks out due to […]